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  • TRIP SITTING, Nathaniel Moore, Brussels Meyboom - October 12


  • Minor Gestures @ ECHA    with Stijn Smeets and Asher Lev ,  Den Haag ECHA Conference

  • Welcome to the Void   with Sara Shelton Mann ,  Berlin, Dock 11

  • Only Here to Adore  , with Inga Nielsen, Denmark, Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

  • Orbit , with Nick Steur, Brussels/Maastricht, 

  • Mother   , Noor Abed/Mophradat Read the Room Festival, Brussels, Kaaitheatre

  • death zine   Nathaniel Moore with Julias Rubies Subiros and Stijn Smeets    Brussels,  De Kriekellar

  • Exorcism. with Rutger Muller and Andre Chapatte, Maastricht -In Situ


  • Covid Beach   with Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero , San Francisco

  • Tube Doctor 1998   Nathaniel Moore     Vienna,  Brussels-Artist Commons

  • Exorcism  , Rutger Miller, Nathaniel  Moore  ,     Heerlen- Cultura Nova Festival,  

  • Deer/woman   Nathaniel Moore, Ainsley Tharp     Brussels, Traveling Outdoor Performance

  • Meeting Kin 1   Nathaniel Moore    Brussels, Dag van der Dance, Etterbeek Cultural Center


  • SummerSolstice(grandReunion)   Brontez Purnell, Keith Hennessy, Nathaniel Moore   Oakland/Poland Grand (Re)/Union

  • Gushy   Nathaniel Moore, Ainsley Tharp         San Francisco, Joe Goode Gush Festival

  • Naturaliza Sintetica   with Juliana Mendonca     San Francisco, Mission Cultural Center

  • Dancing in the Dark   Jonah Kagan/Nathaniel Moore    Oakland, Val-U-Mart Exhibition 2020


  • Sink   with Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero         San Francisco, Seattle

  • Demon Pond    with Rumi Bartlett      New York, Judson Church

  • Vortex 3   with Sara Shelton Mann       Berlin, Dock 11 

  • Resonant Frequencies   with Kinetech Arts/Dianne Da Silva    San Francisco 

  • Dimensions Variable   with Hope Mohr     San Francisco 2019

  • Vortex   with Sara Shelton Mann      San Francisco 2019


  • Third    with Khala Brannigan          San Francisco 2018

  • Abyme,  with Shannon Gillen    Berlin, Dock 11,  2018

  • Sink      with Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero        San Francisco 

  • Study on Creativity.     with Alexander Ekman, T.M. Rives    San Francisco Dance Film Festival 

  • Shadows in Stereo  with Christine Marie     San Francisco 

  • ODC Sandbox    with Hope Mohr       San Francisco 


  • Menlowe Ballet  Full Season      Artistic Director Michael Lowe       Menlo Park 

  • Calling Glen    Danielle Agami/ATE9  Los Angeles  

  • Dance Theatre San Francisco Full Season    with Dexandro Montalvo   San Francisco

  • Disposable the Musical    with Jenna Johnson   Los Angeles 

  • Consider Your Options      Ryan Mason       Montreal Springboard Dans Montreal


  • Still       with Fernando Melo      Banff Centre 

  • Exquisite Corpse  with Adi Salant, Jermaine Spivey, Tillman O'Donell      Banff Centre 

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