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Just a dance


Just a dance represents a desire for me to return to the practice, and  approach, of dancing, with the desire to understand how dance enters the performance sphere on its own terms. 

Just a dance is performance practice where a space of reflection is offered to engage with… dance! Dance here, simply, is that which motivates a body connecting it to space. In this work we ask and wonder how to see dance on the terms of dance, and what does practicing this recognition offer us? To see dance is to deny a purely representational  semiotic apparatus, to deny the placement of a  label, and to perhaps see and form a relationship with the thing in itself. In Just a Dance we discover the existential joy and sadness of being a body in movement: of just being a body in movement, of recognizing change, and the potential of this recognition to liberate patterns and come back to square one.




In between me and my words, In between you and me, in between me and the social, in between me and myself, in between me and my body, in between me and my touch, in between one identity and another, in between one form and another, in between one representation and another representation. In between who I am and who I think I am, in between what I think I am and what I want to be, in between body and space, in between me  my movement, me and the dance,  between what is known and not known,  between good and bad, purpose or nihilism, being and acting, meaning and not. We find a body in movement. 

Shared as a research practice based performance at: 

Volksroom,  Brussels 06/06/22

Ponderosa, Germany 06/19/22

Artist Commons, Brussels  06/07/22



SoAP(space oriented artistic practice) Maastricht June 2022

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