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Archetypal deer woman possesses the cage of a White consumptive body. Shaking him into overflow onto brick and concrete floors and walls of Brussels. She is a determinate force of anti-alienation. Her children call for connection and she responds by indiscriminately thrashing the oppressive "ideal" into submission, into a bowing connection to the immaterial past and other than human entities extracted and laboring in the beingness of the buildings. Deer woman is connected to the beating heart of the mountain displaced to the city. The rituals she instigates intend to create anti-consumerist relations to displaced materials with the intention of renaturalizating relations to non- and past-human consciousness. She punctures though the alienation of consumptive temporalities. The city is always speaking, these are rituals to listen.

BXL 30.8-3.9 @ 21

This project is supported in help by Danspunt en Code Dans. 

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